Hello, my name is Adam Liebelt, and I am both the Founder and Owner of H & H Bath and Safety. I want to personally thank you for visiting our site and supporting our company. When I started this company I had one goal, to deliver the highest quality products to those that need it the most. I believe in putting our customers first, which means more than just excellent customer service. It means giving back to our clients through the communities that serve them as well.

Odds are most of us have someone in our families who needs products like the ones offered through H & H. Over the years we have provided our products and installation to countless customers. However, most people still have no idea what products or services are available to them. This is where giving back to our community comes in.

H & H is working with an ever expanding group of charitable foundations, businesses, and individuals to help those in our communities get access to the best products and services available. We make sure to do our part to help our communities grow stronger every day. Please feel free to take a look through our Community page for more information and links. Thank you again for supporting H & H and I wish you all the best.